Tonight we'll be without Dillon, the voice of the Hogo Game Casts, but we'll still do our best to bring you the play-by-play action of Richlands and Marion tonight!

Head over to at 6:30 to get in on pre-game talk and at 7 we'll start the game broadcast!  HOGOGAMEDAY.COM

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The panel was back on track this week.  After last week's debacle that left me with three players of the week for the first and hopefully last time ever, this week the panel had very little variation in their choice for who deserved the honors after a round of playoffs.  Hey, it makes my job easier.  Thanks panel!

That's not to say there weren't plenty of oustanding performance among our Hogies but a few certainly stood out from the rest.  Marion went back and forth with Chatham before closing the door on the Cavaliers in Big Red Country.  The Maroons sprinted their way past Indians en route to a first round win over an arch rival though maybe losing a standout player along the way.  Patrick Henry powered past Clintwood and sent the Greenwave home for good, forever, with a loss.  The Tom-Cats late season struggles continued as Covington proved to be the better of the two cats on Friday as the Cougars got a consecutive first round playoff win over our Panthers.

Who did the panel think was the key performer?


Photo taken and submitted by


The HogoGameDay PreGame show will go live at 5:30 from George Wythe High School.  We will be cold but we will try to bring the goods in a spirited fashion regardless!

We have George Wythe Head Coach Brandon Harner on for interview at 5:35 so be sure to check that out.  It can be found only at

At 7pm, again on we will begin our pregame coverage of the game at hand.  CHECK IT OUT!

It finally happened.  The panel broke itself.  

Instead of reply emails with rationalized thoughts behind their individual choosings, I received emails that once opened emitted smoke from my monitor and into my eyes.  It burned.  The panel couldn't do it, they could not group think themselves into picking a winner.  I've done this for years and this is the first time that I've seen anything like it.

Nay, instead the panel did something that has never been done before... they tied.  Okay, ties have happened before, but...

Not one tie between two players.  That's what I'm there for.. I'm the tie breaker.

No, this time the panel did WORSE than that.  They tied between THREE PLAYERS.

I went back and read the panel's constitution.  It specifies:

Should two players tie in total votes from panel members, only then may HogoOnline intervene and cast the tie-breaking vote.

It does not say anything about THREE players.  It also... if we're being honest... doesn't exist.  But I figured.. what the heck, lets stick with three.  It'll be fun.  So what dudes did the panel NOT DECIDE upon?

BHC 101114 MarionvsTazewell 11BHC 102514 MarionvsUnion 01BHC 102514 MarionvsUnion 17

Photos personally donated by Earl Neikirk (Bristol Herald Courier/  Thanks Earl!



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